Our main focus is working with developers on controversial or challenging planning applications, where good stakeholder management is key. We place great importance in ensuring clients are fully aware of the opinions and views of local residents, stakeholders and elected councillors. We offer a range of services to help ensure the planning process runs as smoothly as it can. We price each project individually, based on the size and scope of the engagement needed.

We work across the UK.

Services include:

Personal contact with Councillors

We recommend engaging councillors at the very start of the application process and can do that on your behalf. We can also help with applications that are failing to progress, as poor communications with elected members is often the reason.

Personal contact with councillors is vital and our experience shows that they often feel more comfortable discussing applications with us rather than directly with developers or the applicant.

Building trust between all parties

First impressions count and will often help set the tone of the application and the process that follows. Building trust between all parties is essential and we can advise on how to approach the process - questions to ask, questions not to ask and how to handle the discussions when meeting face-to-face.

We know the importance of maintaining integrity and abiding by Councillors local codes of conduct, and particularly the rules regarding members of planning committees.

Political research of Councils

We know local government and how councils work. We also like to get to know the area in which your application is being considered. From the political make-up of the council itself, to the key influences in the local community, we make it our business to manage the key stakeholders on your behalf. Our research can include details of key members, committees and issues of relevance.

Specialised consultation and PR

The progress of a development is all too often frustrated by the hidden agendas that may lie behind committee decisions and which only come to light at the time of the decision itself. From the start of the application process we will help you to engage, consult and work with the people who will make a difference to your application. Including residents, parish councils and the media.

The 'go between'

We have acted as a Chairman at meetings between applicants and the local planning authority to achieve consensus on exactly what documents will be required when the application is submitted. We have also been described by the public at exhibitions as the "go between" and someone they can use to feedback their questions and concerns to the applicants/developers.

Our application was stalling and Rob was really useful in helping us make contact with councillors and the Parish council. He ensured we fully understood their objections and what steps we needed to take before resubmitting. We got unanimous approval – can't get better than that. Thanks Rob!

Paul Campbell – Director, Richborough Estates, Birmingham.

Rob adds value by giving clear feedback on the climate, pressures and local agendas from the mouths of those who actually make the decisions, and he gets our key points across to the decision makers in a succinct and direct way. That helps avoid rumours and misunderstandings. He's been a key team member, helping us with a number of high profile applications.

Mark Chadwick, Senior Director, Hunter Page Planning Ltd, Cheltenham.

Rob helped us engage not just with the planners but also with the politicians who understood regeneration. This was a vital part of our application and needed to be emphasised. We got a good result and the project is now under construction and should be finished soon.

Tom Waldron, Director, County to County Property Group, Gloucester.